Irish Retrospective Screenings @DLR LexIcon!

The following films have been selected for the Irish Retrospective Screening at  the Studio, DLR LexIcon on Saturday, 17th October 2015.

Fifty Per Cent Grey Ruairi Robinson, Zanita Films 2001
Give Up Yer Aul Sins Cathal Gaffney, Brown Bag Films 2001
Cuilin Dua Lach Nora Twomey, Cartoon Saloon 2005
Ding Dong Denny’s Cathal Gaffney, Brown Bag Films 2007
Beauty Now Paul O’Flanagan, Boulder Media 2007
Colour Contamination Louise Bagnall, Barley Films 2008
The Rooster, The Crocodile and the Night Sky Padraig Fagan, Barley Films 2008
Old Fangs Adrien Merigeau, Cartoon Saloon 2009
Donkey Louise Bagnall, Barley Films 2009
The Monk and the Fly Matthew Darragh, Souljacker Productions 2010
Paperman Richard Kelly, Prickly Pear Productions 2010
Granny O’Grimms Nicky Phelan, Brown Bag Films 2010
Origin James Stacey, Souljacker Productions 2012
Bird Food Richard Keane, Brown Bag Films 2012
On Departure Eoin Duffy 2012
Macropolis Joel Simon, Flickerpix Animations 2012
The Missing Scarf Eoin Duffy 2013
Deadly Aidan McAteer, Kavaleer Productions 2014
The Ledge End of Phil (from Accounting) Paul O Muiris, Cartoon Saloon 2014
CODA Alan Holly,  andmapsandplans 2014


Seating is limited so pre-booking by contacting is advised. Some of the films do not have an IFCO

rating so it will need to be a ‘Club screening’. (Over 18s only). Ballot papers for the ‘Irish Retrospective 2015′ award will be issued after the first reel is run.

*Permission has been given by Ruairi Robinson to screen ‘Fifty Per Cent Grey’ – the screening will go ahead, subject to receiving a high resolution file.

We would like to thank all of the Irish animators and animation companies for being such good sports and submitting their films!